The Meaning of RDC – RDC means “Really Don’t Care“. It is an internet acronym. What does RDC mean? RDC is an abbreviation that stands for “Really Don’t Care”. Check the content shared below on this page to find out RDC definition and all the information related to acronym RDC in FAQ format.

What does RDC mean?

RDC is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word which means “Really Don’t Care”. It is used during chats and online conversations on forums, social networking sites and chat rooms.

The Meaning of RDC

RDC means “Really Don’t Care”.

What is RDC?

RDC is “Really Don’t Care”.

RDC Definition / RDC Means

The definition of RDC is “Really Don’t Care”.

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Other terms relating to ‘really’:
 BIG Great, really good
 BNR But Not Really
 BOMB Something really bad
Something really good
 CRAY CRAY Really crazy
 FEENING Craving, wanting really badly
 H9 Really hate (H8+1)
 HELLA Really, very
 IDRC I Don’t Really Care
 IDRK I Don’t Really Know
 IMR I Mean, Really
 IRDC I Really Don’t Care
 IRDK I Really Don’t Know
 IRLY I Really Like You
 JONESING Craving, wanting really badly
 LORL Laugh Out Really Loud
 LRL Laughing Really Loud
 LYR Love You Really
 MAD Really, extremely
 NORLY No, Really?
 O RLY Oh, Really?
 ORLY Oh Really
 ORN Oh Really Now
 PENG A LENG Really sexy, very fit
 POTS Parents Over The Shoulder (parents watching, I can’t really talk)
 PSR Pretty Standard, Really
 RLY Really
 ROG Really Old Git
 SUPER Very, really
 TARFU Things Are Really Fouled Up
 THE BOMB Really cool
 TIRF That/This Is Really Funny
 YARLY Yeah Really
Other terms relating to ‘don’t’:
 AUO I don’t know
 CARE I don’t care
 DADT Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell
 DAM Don’t Ask Me
 DAMHIK Don’t Ask Me How I Know
 DAMHIKT Don’t Ask Me How I Know That/This
 DAQ Don’t Ask Questions
 DBA Don’t Bother Asking
 DBD Don’t Be Dumb
Death Before Dishonor
 DBEYR Don’t Believe Everything You Read
 DBI Douche Bag Index
Don’t Beg It
 DBJ Don’t Be Jealous
 DBL Don’t Be Late
 DBM Don’t Bother Me
 DBNT Don’t Bother Next Time
 DBS Don’t Be Stupid
Don’t Be Sad
Don’t Be Scared
 DC Don’t Care
 DCOI Don’t Count On It
 DDI Don’t Do It
 DDT Don’t Do That
 DEB Don’t Even Bother
 DEGT Don’t Even Go There (i.e. I don’t want to talk about it)
 DET Don’t Even Trip
 DETAI Don’t Even Think About It
 DFF Don’t Forget to Flush
 DFI Don’t Force It
 DFLI Don’t Feel Like It
 DFTBA Don’t Forget To Be Awesome
 DFTS Don’t Forget to Smile
 DFTSYP Don’t Forget To Say Your Prayers
 DFTT Don’t Feed The Troll
 DG Don’t Go
 DGI Don’t Get Involved
Don’t Get It
 DGOT Don’t Go Over There
 DGT Don’t Go There
 DGTWM Don’t Go There With Me
 DHMU Don’t Hit Me Up
 DHYB Don’t Hold Your Breath
 DJM Don’t Judge Me
 DK Don’t Know
 DKDC Don’t Know, Don’t Care
 DKFS Don’t Know For Sure
 DKM Don’t Kill Me
 DKY Don’t Know Yet
Don’t Kid Yourself
 DLAM Don’t Laugh At Me
 DLB Don’t Look Back
 DLN Don’t Look Now
 DLTBBB Don’t Let The Bed Bugs Bite
 DLTBGYD Don’t Let The Bastards Grind You Down
 DLTM Don’t Lie To Me
 DM Don’t Mind
Doesn’t Matter
Direct Message
 DMAF Don’t Make A Fuss
 DMI Don’t Mention It
 DMIID Don’t Mind If I Do
 DMM Don’t Mind Me
 DMML Don’t Make Me Laugh
 DMY Don’t Mess Yourself
 DNDC Don’t Know, Don’t Care
 DNO Don’t Know
 DNT Don’t
 DNTK Don’t Need To Know
 DONNO I don’t know
 DPI Dots Per Inch
Don’t Push It
 DPYN Don’t Pick Your Nose
 DQMOT Don’t Quote Me On This
 DQYDJ Don’t Quit Your Day Job
 DTA Don’t Trust Anyone
 DTB Don’t Text Back
 DTMWTD Don’t Tell Me What To Do
 DTT Don’t Touch That
 DTTC Don’t Text The Cell
 DTTM Don’t Talk To Me
 DTYT Don’t Take Your Time
 DUNNO Don’t Know
 DW Don’t Worry
 DWAI Don’t Worry About It
 DWBH Don’t Worry, Be Happy
 DWBI Don’t Worry ‘Bout It
 DWMT Don’t Waste My Time
 DWTH Don’t Work Too Hard
 DWTTAI Don’t Want To Talk About It
 DWU Don’t Wait Up
 DYD Don’t You Dare
 DYJHIW Don’t You Just Hate It When…
 DYT Don’t You Think?
 FMDIDGAD Frankly My Dear , I Don’t Give A Damn
 GNSTDLTBBB Good Night Sleep Tight Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite
 IDBI I Don’t Believe It
 IDBY I Don’t Believe You
 IDC I Don’t Care
 IDEC I Don’t Even Care
 IDEK I Don’t Even Know
 IDEKY I Don’t Even Know You
 IDEWTK I Don’t Even Want To Know
 IDFG I Don’t Feel Good
 IDFLI I Don’t Feel Like It
 IDGAD I Don’t Give A Damn
 IDGHP I Don’t Get Hashtag Phrases
I Don’t Get His/Her Point
I Don’t Generally Hate People
 IDGI I Don’t Get It
 IDHAC I Don’t Have A Clue
 IDHTT I Don’t Have The Time
 IDJ I Don’t Judge
 IDK I Don’t Know
 IDKE I Don’t Know Either
 IDKW I Don’t Know Why
 IDKWTD I Don’t Know What To Do
 IDKWYM I Don’t Know What You Mean
 IDKY I Don’t Know Why
 IDL I Don’t Like …
 IDLI I Don’t Like It
 IDLT I Don’t Like That
 IDLY I Don’t Love/Like You
 IDN I Don’t kNow
 IDR I Don’t Remember
 IDRC I Don’t Really Care
 IDRK I Don’t Really Know
 IDT I Don’t Think
 IDTS I Don’t Think So
 IDU I Don’t Understand
 IDUNNO I Don’t Know
 IDW I Don’t Want
 IDWK I Don’t Wanna Know
 IDWT I Don’t Want To
 IDWTAI I Don’t Wanna Talk About It
 IDWTK I Don’t Want to Know
 IHDK I Honestly Don’t Know
 IHYDM I Hope You Don’t Mind
 IJDK I Just Don’t Know
 IONO I Don’t Know
 IRDC I Really Don’t Care
 IRDK I Really Don’t Know
 ISDK I Simply Don’t Know
 IYDM If You Don’t Mind
 LOW IT Allow It, don’t worry
 LOW KEY Quiet
Don’t tell anyone
 LOWE Don’t bother, forget it
 MERP Meaningless word for when you don’t know what else to say
 PDBAZ Please Don’t Be A Zombie
 TKT Don’t worry (French)
 TMSIDK Tell Me Something I Don’t Know
 U.O.E.N.O You Don’t Even Know
 UDK You Don’t Know
 UDWK You Don’t Wanna Know
 UOENO You Don’t Even Know
 WDY Why Don’t You?
 WORDS Response to something you don’t care about
 YDEK You Don’t Even Know
 YDK You Don’t Know
 YDMS You Don’t Make Sense
 YDMT You Don’t Mean That
 YDS You Don’t Say
 YDU You Don’t Understand
 YDWTK You Don’t Want to Know
Other terms relating to ‘care’:
 AIIC As If I Care
 AIYC As If You Care
 BWC But Who Cares?
 CARE I don’t care
 CCL Couldn’t Care Less
 CLM Career Limiting Move
 DC Don’t Care
 DIC Do I Care?
 DILLIC Does It Look Like I Care
 DKDC Don’t Know, Don’t Care
 DNDC Don’t Know, Don’t Care
 EVVK Couldn’t Care Less (Finnish)
 FICCL Frankly, I Couldn’t Care Less
 ICAY I Care About You
 ICCL I Couldn’t Care Less
 ICU Intensive Care Unit
I See You
 IDC I Don’t Care
 IDEC I Don’t Even Care
 IDRC I Don’t Really Care
 IRDC I Really Don’t Care
 LIC Like I Care
 NICU Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
 NO1CURR No-One Cares
 NOC No One Cares
 TC Take Care
 TCB Taking Care of Business
 TCCIC Take Care ‘Cause I Care
 TCFN Take Care For Now
 TCGB Take Care, God Bless
 TCOB Taking Care of Buisness
 TCOY Take Care Of Yourself
 TLC Tender Loving Care
 WDIC What Do I Care?
 WORDS Response to something you don’t care about
 WSIC Why Should I Care?
 WTHC Who The Hell Cares?
 WWIC Why Would I Care?

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