The Meaning of YQW – YQW means “You’re Quite Welcome“. It is an internet acronym. What does YQW mean? YQW is an abbreviation that stands for “You’re Quite Welcome”. Check the content shared below on this page to find out YQW definition and all the information related to acronym YQW in FAQ format.

What does YQW mean?

YQW is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word which means “You’re Quite Welcome”. It is used during chats and online conversations on forums, social networking sites and chat rooms.

The Meaning of YQW

YQW means “You’re Quite Welcome”.

What is YQW?

YQW is “You’re Quite Welcome”.

YQW Definition / YQW Means

The definition of YQW is “You’re Quite Welcome”.

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Other terms relating to ‘you’re’:
 HUCKLEBERRY The man you’re looking for
 IOKIYAR It’s Okay If You’re A Republican
 IYL If You’re Lucky
It’s Your Life
 SWYD Sleep When You’re Dead
 UW You’re Welcome
 WELC You’re Welcome
 YC You’re Cool/Cute/Crazy
 YGLT You’re Gonna Love This
 YK You’re Kidding
 YMW You’re Most Welcome
 YNW You’re Not Welcome
 YOYO You’re On Your Own
 YSVW You’re So Very Welcome
 YTB You’re The Best
 YTM You’re The Man
 YTMND You’re The Man Now, Dog (website)
 YTO You’re The One
 YVW You’re Very Welcome
 YW You’re Welcome
Other terms relating to ‘quite’:
 LQL Laughing Quite Loudly
 NQR Not Quite Right
 QI Quite Interesting
 TBQF To Be Quite Frank
 TBQFH <– Click To View
 TBQH To Be Quite Honest
Other terms relating to ‘welcome’:
 URW You Are Welcome
 UW You’re Welcome
 WB Welcome Back
Write Back
 WC Welcome
Water Closet, toilet
 WEBA Welcome Back
 WELC You’re Welcome
 WTLW Welcome To Last Week
 WTML Welcome To My Life
 WTMW Welcome To My World
 WTTC Welcome To The club
 WTTJ Welcome To The Jungle
 YAVW You Are Very Welcome
 YAW You Are Welcome
 YMW You’re Most Welcome
 YNW You’re Not Welcome
 YSVW You’re So Very Welcome
 YVW You’re Very Welcome
 YW You’re Welcome

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