ANCO 31-Series

ANCO 31-Series Wiper Blades – 2021 Buying Guide & Review

These blades are no frills metal framed option for those on a budget. They may be at the lower end of the wiper blade market, but that doesn’t mean that they are low on features. You can pickup these wiper blades in sizes ranging from 10″ to 28″, and they are designed to give an OE fit to suitable vehicles.

ANCO 31-Series

ANCO 31-Series


Another nice feature is the Kwik Connect customer connector, that allows quick and easy fitment. Couple that with a flexible, vented frame and these blades should perform well in most conditions. 

Anco have developed a unique rubber compound for the blade that they call DuraKlear. It promises a steak -free wipe every time, and makes these wiper blades stand out from low budget options.

Overall you can’t go wrong with these wiper blades. Assuming you are replacing metal framed wiper blades, and you can get these in the right size, then they are a bargain buy. Even if you are going to use them in extreme conditions.

  • Flexible, Vented Metal Frame.
  • Easy to change with Kwikconnect technology.
  • Available in a wide range of sizes.
  • Easily adjustable with low price.
  • Affordable conventional blade replacement.
  • Duraklear exclusive rubber compound provides a consistent streak-free wipe.
  • KwikConnect installation system provides a quick and easy wiper replacement.
  • Consistent, clear wipe in any driving environment.
  • Available in 10″-28″ lengths.
  • Vented bridge and high-performance polymer ensure OE fit and function.
  • More expensive than some other brands.

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