5 Best Mattress Toppers for Back Pain in 2020

A large number of people have a problem with back pain daily. Whether they have a confirmed disc herniation or the pain is different, this is a problem even during sleep. The consequences are that we wake up tired. The purpose of sleep, however, is the complete opposite. Our whole-body needs rest, and there is no better way for the body to rest from sleep.

Mattresses topper and their quality are significant for coping with back pain. Namely, good beds will significantly facilitate our sleep by keeping our bodies and, above all, our spine, providing it with adequate support. Only in this way will the back be relaxed during the night, so our mornings will be pain-free.

For a long time, there was a belief that for people who have back pain, hard mattresses, i.e., a hard bed for sleeping, are the best. However, it turned out that things are different and that moderately hard mattress topper is much more pleasing. The problem with a hard-sleeping pad is that specific points on the body suffer from too much pressure. For example, if you sleep and lie on your side, your hip and shoulder will suffer from too much trouble. Also, the part of your body at the height of your kidneys will remain without support. With a moderately hard surface, your body would slightly “sink” into the mattress at points where there is more pressure, and part of the body at the height of the kidneys would thus fall to the surface of the bed.

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If you have problems with back pain, sleeping on the wrong mattress and mattress topper can make this problem worse. Lack of support can lead to sleeping in an unnatural position, stretching of muscles, and the inability of the spine to stand in a natural alignment, which leads to pain in the spine, even if you have not had this problem before.

However, an equally important factor is the comfort itself, according to the criteria of each individual. If you find a mattress pad that provides excellent support at the same time but is also comfortable, you will enjoy sleep, wake up more rested, and your back pain will decrease or disappear.

The massive selection of mattresses toppers that today’s market offers can make a choice very complicated.

That is why we offer you some tips for choosing the right one.

1. The most important thing is that you are comfortable.

There is no universal shape, size, or composition of the mattress topper that will suit absolutely everyone who suffers from back pain. A mattress topper that is flawless perfection for you will be a real nightmare for someone else. That is why you must spend enough time testing your potential, and 15 minutes of sitting on it can in no way provide insight like sleeping all night. Therefore, choose those mattresses where you have a trial period because it is a purchase that is not done very often.

2. Ask well about the physical components of the mattress topper

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Coils or internal wire springs serve to provide support. Different types of standard and memory foam have the same function. That is why it is essential to understand that different spring settings, different foam densities, numerous combinations, or any other variation, also provide a different atmosphere. For example, the thinner foam will be softer, while denser placed springs will give higher hardness.

3. Choose a mattress pad with back support

A right mattress pad should support natural curves and straighten the spine. Proper support prevents both muscle stretching and the unpleasant pain of stiffness. Although there are not too many hardness studies, it has been proven that for people suffering from back pain, the most recommended mattresses are medium and slightly higher strength, but by no means too hard or soft.

4. Find a balance between comfort and support

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Overall satisfaction during sleep is just as important as proper support. Sleeping on a hard mattress can cause pain at pressure points. A medium-hard mattress pad is a much better choice, as it allows the shoulders and hips to sink slightly into its surface. People who should use harder for medical reasons should choose the highest possible height, for additional comfort.

5. Try to sleep on your back

The “military” position, when you are lying on your back, and your arms are lowered and stretched out next to your body, is most recommended for people who suffer from back pain. This position, combined with the appropriate mattress pad, is an excellent recipe for back pain.

1. Isolus 2.5 Gel Topper

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This topper is best on the market; you can find and buy for your sweet night sleep and back pain if you have one. This model is very durable made from the excellent materials, and the producer will give you three years warranty for that product. Isolus comes with a sweat-resistant cover, and it is hypoallergenic.

2. Lucid 2″ Foam Topper

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This topper from Lucid is made from foam with excellent ventilation and a unique combination of materials. It regulated body heat, and the producer will give you three years warranty for that product.

3. Sleep Better 3 Inch Mattress

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This model is perfect for back pain because its thickness is just right. Sleep Better 3 Inch Mattress will give you excellent support during the sleeping, and the producer will provide you with 2 years warranty for that product.

4. Best Price 4″ Mattress

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This model is made from high-quality materials, and it is double-sided. Best Price topper will give you excellent back support, and odor goes away after two days. The producer will provide you with 5 years warranty for that product.

5. Sleep Joy 2″ Topper

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The last place on the list is this topper from Sleep Joy with low heat retention and good airflow. Sleep Joy 2″ Topper is recommended for stomach and back sleepers. The producer will provide you with three years warranty for that product.

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