5 Criteria of Choosing the Best Slot at Online Casino

Slots are the biggest category on all the gambling sites. Sometimes, or better to say always, it even gets hard to select one of a thousand machines in the lobby. Some slots catch your eyes by the theme and design but they turn to be low paying. Others include numerous super features but lack of simple though vital functions. One never knows what drawback the chosen slot game has. That is why you need someone to assist you while you are searching for the ‘perfect’ slot machine. Here comes casinobest.ca to help you with the decision on the best slot at any online casino. See the list. The source recommends you the most profitable slots according to its features and the RTP.


Speaking of the RTP and features, they are two of the five criteria that are necessary to know if you’ve joined the casino for not only joy, but also for real money. Upon reading the article, try to analyze your favourite slot considering these points. Maybe your slot is not as nice as you think?

Layout and design

Let me start with the least important thing in this list – the general image. Still, design is responsible for our visual perception. When we see something attractive, we can’t shut our eyes. And what if the slot has three different backgrounds corresponding to the main game, bonus and gamble game? We keep playing it just to see what else the software designers have prepared for our entertainment.

The options are also an essential part of a good game. It would be weird if the game allowed us to play with different background themes but excluded the function to switch on and off the music and sounds. Many games are accompanied also by the bet related functions letting players change the stake denominations and amounts.

Speaking of such buttons as autoplay and MAX Bet, no one can deny they are vital indeed. The buttons seem so simple and useful, that when we play a slot with the autospin off, it feels bad to lack this function. All in all, the visual and sound effects, overall functions directly and primarily influence our first impression of the game. When we get caught visually, we can stay further.

Software Provider

You can’t deny that the creator is quite important. The reputable provider arouses trust. It means we can rely on its games. We surely know that the results are randomized and the overall RTP won’t go down below 90-95%. The results also depend on the casino itself. But let’s be honest, we’d rather choose a game from Microgaming than from a notorious Amigotechs. So, scrolling down the lobby, make sure about the provider of the game. The best are Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech, Novomatic, RTG and others. I recommend reading the softwares’ historiy just to be aware of the cases that occurred before.

Special features

Of course, the most interesting part in slots is bonus symbols and features. Symbols of one type and the only one main game theme are quite boring. A player gets more involved in the game when he or she is eager to collect three scatters just to spin ten times for free. It’s more likely that the player will spin twenty times more for the bonus game than for nothing. Types of bonus games vary and it’s their advantage.

Depending on the provider, games contain a bonus wheel game, stacked symbols, wild bar, gambling feature, sometimes even the whole map of numerous bonus games with a different gameplay than the one of a typical slot machine. The players enjoy gameplays where they need to pick a bonus, to fish some cash, to open boxes and much more. And when it seems like there’s nothing to create anymore, software developers continue surprising us.



Jackpots are kind of a special feature too. To tell the truth, players like the casino games with the Jackpot function. No matter if there’s a big progressive Jackpot or just MINI, MINOR and GRAND ones within the current game. Winning a Jackpot is a desirable thing for everyone. Besides, some people play only progressive Jackpot machines. But don’t expect that you can hit one anytime. In fact, it’s not even possible to do with a little stake. You have to be eligible for the winners list.

Return to player

The least noticeable but the most necessary thing to know about a slot is its return to player percentage. The fact is that slots don’t boast of big RTPs at all. This type of game has the smallest possible percentage of money that you take back. It varies from 80% to 97% max. And I tell you, the latter is not easy to find. Almost every slot machine that you’ll launch has got the RTP of the average 94%. So, if you want to have the winning rounds more often, you have to make a research on the high RTP slots.

Stake limits


Casino slots have another criteria which is different from game to game. It is the fixed stakes for MIN bet and MAX bet. You might think that the higher the stake, the better. It can be true to you only if you have unlimited cash. In reality, when you start playing with even the MIN bet, you are likely to lose your money continuously. There is no point in placing big bets at all. Each game offers different amounts for the initial bet. Sometimes, even the MIN stake can seem very high to you. That is why you need to make a careful research of the good games before you actually start the gameplay.

Summing it up

Seeing thousands of slots any player will be confused which one to start with. The search can take a lot of time and effort. But as soon as you find that one exact slot, you will feel relieved. There are hardly a big number of the spinning games which are attractive to the eye and include many features and bonus games. At the same time the slot should be made by a respected provider, thus having a high enough percentage of RTP. Additionally, the software developer should consider the appropriate stake limits for the game. On top of that, the Jackpot function would be a great plus.

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