Valeo 900 Ultimate Series – 2021 Buying Guide & Review

Valeo Service has announced the addition of Ultimate service wiper blades. Including seven unique lines, traditional, beam original, beam hook, rear blade, winter and heavy- duty. All the lines come with an innovative wear indicator that assists drivers in knowing when the blades need to be replaced.

Valeo 900 Ultimate Series

Valeo 900 Ultimate Series


Valeo’s exclusive, patented wear indicator is a built-in, visual dot showing the driver when it is time to replace the blades. The indicator changes from black to yellow, giving the car owner or technician a clear signal it is time to get new blades.

  • Ultimate Traditional.
  • Ultimate Hybrid.
  • Ultimate Beam Original.
  • Ultimate Beam Hook.
  • Ultimate Rear.
  • Wide Range of Sizes.
  • No metal superstructure.
  • Best in class aerodynamics.
  • Lacks protective covering from ice and snow.

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